International Expertise


International Network of Professional Accountants and Tax Advisors

A personalized service for those seeking an international accountancy and business advisory solution. INPACT places an emphasis on local issues as well as international capability.

INPACT…an alliance with SOLUTIONS for your business.

INPACT is a global alliance of independent accounting business advisory firms located in over 60 countries.

The regular and growing collaboration between INPACT member firms on cross-border engagements is a direct result of the growing international expansion of companies of all sizes.

It is no longer just large corporations that require access to expert advice regarding local country taxation, business structuring, hiring practices, profit expatriation, regulatory rules, and other international services.
INPACT member firms provide companies with personal service and access to global capability whilst offering value for money.

Services we provide through INPACT include:

  • International Reporting and Consolidation - INPACT firms provide services that include audit and assurance, management accounting and international financial reporting.
  • Corporate Finance - INPACT firms provide access to corporate finance specialists who advise on funding, company structures and other aspects of financing.
  • Strategic Planning and Business Development - INPACT members work closely with companies to guide them in their strategic planning processes and strategies for growth.
  • International Expansion - INPACT can help organizations launch products and services into new markets.
  • Buying & Selling a Business - INPACT can assist organizations locate and acquire businesses worldwide and guide them during the sale process.
  • International Tax Solutions and Strategies - INPACT firms can advise on transfer pricing policy, international mobility (expatriates, etc.) and other services.

Some examples of projects using the INPACT network include:

  • International relocation and tax residency advice
  • Translation of inter-continental financial reports for a stock exchange listing
  • Audits of multinational organizations
  • Regional management reporting on behalf of overseas parent companies
  • Assistance for entrepreneurs on location, form and structure for new overseas ventures
  • Provision of payroll, book keeping and tax compliance for regional operations

Why choose a firm affiliated with INPACT?

  1. Personal attention. INPACT member firms listen and understand your needs.
  2. Quality service. INPACT member firms work closely with clients to meet their specific needs with robust solutions.
  3. Global resources. The INPACT network includes members from over 60 countries.
  4. Fair fees. INPACT member firms are independent accounting firms with fees reflecting regional rates.

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