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We're in business to serve our clients. Every decision we make is based on how it enhances the services we provide. It's gratifying to hear back from our clients, letting us know we're helping them.

Shawn Keough-Hartz, Provider Resources
“When we were experiencing transition within our accounting department, K2S was there to assist us. They essentially loaned us a CPA to catch up the accounting transactions. Once we completed the hiring process, K2S was right there to train and review our computer system. K2S made the transition very smooth. I had no worries. You can’t do that with a temporary agency.”

Chris Zurn, Erie Copy Products
“In terms of forward-thinking, the name says it all. They are dynamic individuals moving forward into the future. They understood what they had to do and what they had to do to get there.”

Tom Elliott, Saint Vincent Surgery Center
“I would say our experience has been excellent... Many times they’ve dropped things to help us. That’s why we like them due to their size and scope, and because they are local. What I found over the years is that they are thinkers thinking outside the box. They are solving business problems not just accounting problems.”

*Paul Bowse*r, Maxpro Technologies
“In 1995, when Maxpro was founded, we were a brand new company getting into business. We selected them (K2S) on the total service offered... Now they function as our overall financial advisers.”

Bob Budacki, Ear Nose & Throat Specialists of Northwestern Pennsylvania
“K2S has provided our accounting services since 1987 when our medical practice consisted of two physicians and a half-dozen employees. The practice currently employs 82 persons including six physicians. ...K2S has assisted us through three practice mergers, consolidating three separate E.N.T. specialty practices into one over nearly a 20-year period. Their accounting services have always met our needs because they have been willing to listen to our concerns and problems. Solutions to our problems have been tailored to our circumstances and the economic environment of the medical community in Erie.”

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